2 IN 1 Slide Connectors

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These NEW 2 IN 1 Slide Connectors bag hardware are a strap connector AND a strap end all in 1!!! These are the new must have item! This hardware will make your bag look desirable, sleek, elegant and absolutely incredible. YES they WILL!! They are high quality, solid and wont bend with any force.

Firstly you connect your strap to your 2 IN 1 Slide Connector and secure it with glue and screws on the back, next you make a 2mm hole in you bag ( according to the pattern and where it states to attach your strap connectors, in this case your 2 IN 1 Slide Connector) and secure the slide with the dome chicargo screw.

Remember you are replacing 2 products with ONE very sexy one.

Measurements : 77mm long x 22mm wide

Colour available now are Shiny Silver and Rainbow

A great pattern these can be used on is the Lavander and Twine Alaura PDF Patterns – Lavender & Twine (lavender-and-twine.com) 

Price of packs of 4 start from $12.95