Custom zips

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Custom zips

Ever dreamed of having your own fancy metal logo to put on your bags? Well now you can.  They can be on any shaped zip engraved into it. It's as simple as just sending me a picture or an idea of what you would like. 

Cost, there is a one off mold fee of $95.

Pricing is $1.80 each for 200 of one colour min order OR $2.20 each for 100 of 1 colour min order. I require payment upfront payment to send my supplier your design. Once the design is confirmed by yourself, I can organise production. Any future orders for your personal zip won't include your mold fee, just the MOQ per colour chosen. 

Zips will be available in #3 and #5 and also colours Light Gold, Shiny Silver (nickol), Brushed Nickel (not shiny silver), Rose Gold, Antique Brass, Gun Metal. Rainbow will be slightly more.

Once they are made you will have an option to buy any over makes, sometimes there may be 10 sometimes 50, there is no pressure to purchase these but our manufacture gives us that option for you.
Once the design is approved the zips will only take 4-5 weeks to arrive to me, once I have checked over the zips I will post them onto yourself.
PLEASE enquire before placing your order and send us a message via Facebook.
Your label may be used for our advertising. The mold is the property of Dreamy Bag Hardware. Reordering at anytime is welcome.
You are welcome to purchase the mold off us for $50. It will be released to you once you have  purchased qty of 400 and this will enable you to reorder them yourself direct through the supplier.